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Leaving on a jet plane…

I just returned from Cajun country, more specifically, I was in Lafayette, Louisiana where I presented at a beautiful parish–first in the daytime to the parents group and later that evening to the parish. I enjoyed the warm and welcoming … Continue reading

Good Saint Joseph Can Turn Up Anywhere!

One day about seven years ago my friend Lisa saw something strange poking up in her yard. She took a closer look and decided she should dig it up. To her surprise it was a statue of Saint Joseph the … Continue reading

De-cluttering Our Homes and Our Brains!

It seems that with each new season arriving I get the urge to clean and de-clutter. Maybe it’s innate. I don’t know. Most recently, I dove in and tackled paper and book clutter in my office. It the kind of … Continue reading

New Blog Post at New Website!

Welcome to a new blogging spot for me! You might already know that I maintain several other blogs. I hope to blog here from my website on a very regular basis. Notice that word, “very”? It’s my way of letting … Continue reading