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Sharing a blogger’s reflection on “Angels for Kids”

A blogger homeschooling Mama of five shares about my Angels for Kids book: We started our next book, “Angels for Kids” by Donna Marie Cooper O’Boyle. Let me tell you, I have only read ahead a few chapters (because I am … Continue reading

Angels protect us!

A woman named Kerry Bevins recently wrote to me and expressed her happiness over seeing my recent visit on EWTN’s “Sunday Night Prime” discussing the holy Angels. She said, “I have just watched your program on You Tube from last … Continue reading

Just arrived!

Imagine my joy! I just opened a package from my publisher which contained these two very first copies of my book “Bringing Lent Home with Saint John Paul II.” Here’s a description from the publisher: This timely new addition to … Continue reading

Women’s gifts and prayers

A seventy-six year old woman leaves this very beautiful review on Amazon. “This book offers not only prayers, but inspiration focusing on the important role and thus the responsibility we share as women. I just wish I had this book … Continue reading

Love is powerful

I recently spoke to a woman I met in an airport who shared a special story with me. Somehow we got to talking about the faith and about love. She felt compelled to tell me that her daughter has Autism. … Continue reading

The TV series and contests continue…

Hello! Lots of buzz lately. Have you seen yesterday’s first show of my brand new Catholic Mom’s Cafe series? It’s about kids, modesty, and fashion. When EWTN re-airs the show I’ll be sure to let you know. Take a look … Continue reading

Contests announced for Catholic Mom’s Cafe!

Take a look here to see the awesome contests I will be conducting to celebrate my new EWTN TV series Catholic Mom’s Cafe launching tomorrow on EWTN television! I hope you will tune in and perhaps enter the contests for … Continue reading

Eating cactus

During my recent visit to San Antonio, Texas my friend Rosie told me that her family has frequently eaten cactus. In fact, she said her grandparents lived to over 100 years old each! They attributed their longevity to eating cactus. … Continue reading

My new television mini-series launching next week!

The month of October has been very busy. I have been conducting lots of contests to celebrate Moms and GrandMoms since my new television series designed for Catholic Moms and GrandMoms will be launching next week on EWTN. You can … Continue reading

Visiting the “Body of Christ”!

I recently visited Corpus Christi, Texas because I was invited by the Bishop and staff to be the primary presenter at a diocesan retreat day. The day of travel was pretty much uneventful and I was happy at the end … Continue reading

Leaving on a jet plane…

I just returned from Cajun country, more specifically, I was in Lafayette, Louisiana where I presented at a beautiful parish–first in the daytime to the parents group and later that evening to the parish. I enjoyed the warm and welcoming … Continue reading

Good Saint Joseph Can Turn Up Anywhere!

One day about seven years ago my friend Lisa saw something strange poking up in her yard. She took a closer look and decided she should dig it up. To her surprise it was a statue of Saint Joseph the … Continue reading

De-cluttering Our Homes and Our Brains!

It seems that with each new season arriving I get the urge to clean and de-clutter. Maybe it’s innate. I don’t know. Most recently, I dove in and tackled paper and book clutter in my office. It the kind of … Continue reading

New Blog Post at New Website!

Welcome to a new blogging spot for me. You might already know that I maintain several other blogs. I hope to blog here from my website on a very regular basis. Notice that word, “very”? It’s my way of letting … Continue reading